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Ahimelech - Abimelech(Abiathar , )2Sa 8:17

priest under David. Alias 1Chr 18:16. He is called "of the sons of Ithamar" in 1Chr 24:3, therefore his earliest mentioned ancestor "Eli" is supposed to be a descendant of Ithamar who was the son of Aaron, who was brother of Moses. 
Spouses, Concubines
Brothers, Sisters
Jonathan(Abiathar , )2Sa 15:27
Abimelech is mentioned in the following verses
1 Chronicles18:16
1 occurance(s) in 1 verse(s)
Ahimelech is mentioned in the following verses
2 Samuel8:17
1 Chronicles24:3; 24:6; 24:31
4 occurance(s) in 4 verse(s)
Total: 5 occurances in 5 verses

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