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Characteristics of the Authorized KJV Bible, 1769 Oxford edition

Different editions of the Bible have different spellings of persons' names, therefore it was really important to determine which Bible to use as a basis for generating the person name index used on this website.

The greatest help at this phase of the work was F.H.A. Scrivener's book "The authorized edition of the English Bible (1611) Its Subsequent Reprints and Modern Representatives", as it lists the characteristics of the main KJV editions.

The KJV Bible that is used on this website was downloaded from the Oxford Text Archive and then was compared to the listings printed in the book above in order to determine which edition it was. The answer was the 1769 Oxford edition.

The following is a list of verses, where you can find some of the differences between the various editions. The person names are marked bold to show which names would have been spelled differently on this website if the Bible used here would not have been selected carefully.

Please note that while it is important to pinpoint these differences when you use the Bible as a basis for a reference work, they do not alter the original message of the Bible.

Verse   1769 Oxford edition   Other editions
Gen 10:7   Sabtechah   Sabtecha, Sabtecah
Gen 46:12   Zarah   Zerah, Serah
Gen 47:6   any men   any man
Lev 11:10   and scales   or scales
Lev 13:29   have a plague   hath a plague
Lev 15:33   that is unclean   which is unclean
Num 3:13   shall they be   they shall be
Num 9:18   in their tents   in the tents
Num 20:5   or of vines   or vines
Num 30:8   disallowed   disallow
Deu 23:25   corn of thy neighbour   corn of thy neighbours
Deu 27:12   Gerizim   Gerizzim
Jos 10:1,3   Adonizedec   Adonizedek
Jos 11:2; 12:3   Chinneroth   Cinneroth
Jos 19:2   and Sheba   or Sheba
Jos 19:19   Haphraim   Hapharaim
1Sa 31:2   Melchishua   Malchishua
2Sa 21:21   Shimeah   Shimea
2Sa 23:37   Nahari   Naharai
1Ch 2:47   Gesham   Geshan
1Ch 7:1   Shimrom   Shimron
2Ch 16:6   was building   was a building
2Ch 33:19   all his sins   all his sin
2Ch 34:10   amend   mend
Ezr 2:2   Mizpar   Mispar
Ezr 4:10   Asnapper   Asnappar
Psa 24:3   or who shall stand   and who shall stand
Psa 115:3   whatsoever he hath pleased   whatsoever he pleased
Psa 141:9   the snares   the snare
Psa 148:8   vapours   vapour
Pro 25:24   the corner   a corner
Isa 51:16   and I have covered   and have covered
Jer 16:2   or daughters   nor daughters
Jer 34:16   whom he had set   whom ye had set
Eze 11:24   in a vision   in vision
Nah 3:16   fleeth   flieth
Mar 6:7   he called   he calleth
Joh 11:34   They said unto him   They say unto him
Acts 18:5   pressed in the spirit   pressed in spirit
Acts 19:19   of them also   also of them
1Co 10:29   of the other   of the other's
2Pe 1:9   see afar off   see far off


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