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Kore(Abiasaph - Ebiasaph - Asaph , )1Ch 9:19

1Chr 9:19:"Shallum the son of Kore", is rather 'the descendant of Kore', since Shallum lived after the exile, therefore he lived generations later than Kore. The same is true for Meshelemiah in 1Chr 26:1 who is named as son of Kore, but lived under David. 
Spouses, Concubines
Brothers, Sisters
Assir(Abiasaph - Ebiasaph - Asaph , )1Ch 6:23
Kore is mentioned in the following verses
1 Chronicles9:19; 26:1; 26:19
3 occurance(s) in 3 verse(s)
Total: 3 occurances in 3 verses

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