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Name( Father, Mother )Book
Wife of Salathiel and Pedaiah( , )1Ch 3:19

She is not mentioned in the Bible. Since Zerubbabel (1Chr 3:17) is named as the son of Salathiel in Ezr 3:2; Neh 12:1; Hag 1:1; Mat 1:12 and is named as son of Pedaiah in 1Chr 3:19, it is possible that Salathiel died without a child and then his widow got married to his brother (Pedaiah), thus Pedaiah was the biological father of Zerubbabel while at the same time Zerubbabel can be named as son of Salathiel. 
Spouses, Concubines
Salathiel - Shealtiel(Jehoiachin - Jeconiah - Jechonias - Coniah , )1Ch 3:17
Pedaiah(Jehoiachin - Jeconiah - Jechonias - Coniah , )1Ch 3:18
Brothers, Sisters
Zerubbabel - Zorobabel - Sheshbazzar(Pedaiah , Wife of Salathiel and Pedaiah)1Ch 3:19
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