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Name( Father, Mother )Book
Abigail(Nahash , Wife of Jesse)2Sa 17:25

Jesseís wife had apparently been first married to Nahash, to whom she bore Abigail and Zeruiah, who were thus Davidís sisters, but only on the motherís side. Also see: 1Chr 2,16 where she's named as David's sister 
Spouses, Concubines
Jether - Ithra( , )2Sa 17:25
Brothers, Sisters
David(Jesse , Wife of Jesse)Rut 4:17
Zeruiah(Nahash , Wife of Jesse)1Sa 26:6
Amasa(Jether - Ithra , Abigail)2Sa 17:25
Abigail is mentioned in the following verses
2 Samuel17:25
1 Chronicles2:16; 2:17
3 occurance(s) in 3 verse(s)
Total: 3 occurances in 3 verses

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