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Name( Father, Mother )Book
Wife of Jesse( , )2Sa 17:25

She is not specifically mentioned in the Bible. Zeruiah's and Abigail's father was Nahash, and they were sisters of David, whos father was Jesse. Therefore they were only half sisters of David, therefore Jesse's wife had to been "married" to Nahash. In 1Chr 2:16 where they're named as David's sisters. 
Spouses, Concubines
Jesse(Obed , )Rut 4:17
Nahash( , )2Sa 17:25
Brothers, Sisters
David(Jesse , Wife of Jesse)Rut 4:17
Zeruiah(Nahash , Wife of Jesse)1Sa 26:6
Abigail(Nahash , Wife of Jesse)2Sa 17:25
Total: 0 occurances in 0 verses

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