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Seraiah(Azariah , )2Ki 25:18

The chief priest under Zedekiah 2Kings 25:18. See Ezr 7:1. In Neh 11:11 he is named as the "son of Hilkiah", even though he was grandson of Hilkiah. In this genealogy there is another "skipping of generations", where Zadok is named as the son of Meraioth, even though Zadok was the 10th descendant of Meraioth. Neh 11:11: He dwelt in Jerusalem in the times of Nehemiah. Also he "was the ruler of the house of God" under Nehemiah. See Jer 52:24. 
Spouses, Concubines
Brothers, Sisters
Jehozadak - Jozadak - Josedech(Seraiah , )1Ch 6:14
Ezra(Seraiah , )Ezr 7:1
Seraiah is mentioned in the following verses
2 Kings25:18
1 Chronicles6:14
6 occurance(s) in 5 verse(s)
Total: 6 occurances in 5 verses

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